Shirt Collection

Magic Bubble Shirts also known as Popcorn Shirts are all the rage in modern fashion. They are women's shirts the size of your hand but expand to one's body size when put on. We offer these shirts in brilliant colors and various styles including short/long sleeve, tanks and button down long sleeve cardigans. They are perfect for the office or every day wear, as you can dress it up or dress it down. In addition they are great traveling pieces because they weigh only a few ounces. If you're looking for a shirt that never wrinkles, doesn't require ironing, fits everyone up to size 18-20,  also comes in toddler and queen size, and makes a perfect gift look no further

Pendant Scarves

Our Pendant Scarves are a beautiful addition to any outfit. They feature intricate metallic fittings in a variety of unique designs. The scarf itself is 100% smooth to the touch polyester. This elegant accessory can dress up any outfit. 


Coin Collection

Add something a little different to your Popcorn wardrobe! These short sleeve shirts are made with "coin" puckering and intricate detailing on the front that resembles fishscales. The result is a unique look that will look great on you! 100% satin polyester.